Updated: 01.11.2022

Privacy Policy

Solid Bond Capital Ltd is committed to safeguarding your privacy. Here, we describe what personal data we collect and how that data is used. GDPR requires that we provide information “relating to processing to the data subject in a concise, transparent, intelligible and easily accessible form, using clear and plain language” (GDPR Article 12.1).

We do not sell your data, and if we are the Data Controller we do not let others copy your data for their own purposes.

Privacy laws in many countries, e.g. the GDPR in the UK and EU, give you rights over your personal data, including the right to receive a copy, or have it deleted (more about Individual Rights).

To request any privacy right, if Solid Bond Capital Ltd is the Data Controller, please contact us directly via the contact page at solidbond.com. For security reasons, we may sometimes have to ask you to prove your identity.

Visitors to our website or those making contact with us via other channels, such as social media.

Solid Bond is the Data Controller and the lawful basis is Legitimate Interest, or Consent if necessary (more). Please contact us via the contact page on out web site at solidbond.com, if you want more information about your personal data.

Main types of Data:

• Our website uses cookies to identify you and keep track of your browsing sessions (cookies policy).

• We keep a record of web pages seen, emails and other contacts.

• We make a note when you contact us, e.g. by using our website form or over email.

• We may collect public information, such as your position in organisation.

• Our SEO activity may also involve the use of marketing tools as listed below.

Data is used for:

• Running this website – for example to track sessions and count how many people visit.

• For assessing quality of investment applications

• For booking investment application pitching sessions.

We use the following categories of sales and marketing tools:

• Amazon AWS cloud servers to host this website

• Analytics to count page visits etc., including google analytics.

• Google Ads for marketing

• LinkedIn Ads for marketing

• Mail Chimp for B2B marketing, scheduling emails

• Email Service Providers to send emails.

• Online document signing tools

• Microsoft Forms for capturing details of investment applications